Bathroom Mirrors

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The Bathroom mirror is the hardest mirror in the home to keep clean.  We decided to take three products and put them to the test.

  • Products
    • 50% White Vinegar and 50% Distilled Water
    • Windex – Blue bottle
    • Barbasol Shaving Cream

We started our test with a triple mirror vanity and cleaned the first panel with the vinegar and water solution.  The second mirror was cleaned with the Barbasol shaving cream and the third mirror with Windex.  We used a clean dry microfiber cloth for the mirrors cleaned with vinegar and water and Windex.  We used a common lint free rag to wipe away the majority of the shaving cream and then polished it with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Our first test was general cleanliness of the mirrors and we started by evaluating the mirrors ourselves.  We determined that the vinegar and water solution cleaned the mirror, but left a slight haze that could be seen by viewing the mirror at different angels.  Both the Shaving cream mirror and the Windex mirror appeared clean and haze free, although the shaving cream mirror appeared to have a deeper reflection than the Windex cleaned mirror.  Next we invited three individuals to rate the mirrors as to their general cleanliness, but only told them they had been cleaned with three different products.  All three of our volunteers rated the vinegar and water mirror as the worst and followed up their rating with the Windex mirror coming in second and the shaving cream mirror coming in first.

Our next test was the fogging factor and we promptly shut the door and turned the shower on hot with the exhaust fan off.  The first mirror to start fogging was the vinegar and water mirror, which started fogging within 30 seconds of turning on the shower.  One minute into the shower and the vinegar and water mirror was completely fogged over and had severe condensation build up to the point of water droplets streaming down the mirror.  The Windex mirror was just starting to show signs of hazing and the shaving cream mirror was still crystal clear.  Two minutes into our test and the Windex mirror was completely fogged over and by three minutes it appeared no different than the vinegar and water cleaned mirror.  We left the shower on another three minutes, before shutting it off and turning on the exhaust fan.  The mirror cleaned with shaving cream was still crystal clear with no signs of fogging.

The next test was to see how long it would take for the mirrors to clear up, before moving on to our final test.  The Windex mirror cleared within a few minutes, but showed signs of where the condensation streaked the mirror.  Finally about fifteen later the vinegar and water mirror cleared and was streaked much heavier than the Windex Mirror.

For our final test we told our volunteers we were having the mirrors cleaned by four different people and we wanted them to judge, who was the best mirror cleaner.  The problem is we lied, we just wanted to see how they rated the three methods we used individually.  For round one, we cleaned all mirrors with the vinegar and water solution and sent in our volunteers.  All three were not impressed with the cleanliness of the mirrors and said if it were their home, they would have issues with the maid’s performance.  The Windex mirror received much better reviews and seemed to satisfy our volunteers need for cleanliness.  We repeated the process with the shaving cream and received similar results to the Windex cleaning.  Just to insure our volunteers were not being biased, we told them for the fourth test we were going to send in one of our maids who they already rated and see if they could tell us, which maid cleaned the mirrors.  We promptly cleaned the mirrors with vinegar and water again and sent the volunteers back in to inspect.  You guessed it they all quickly identified the maid that cleaned the mirrors with vinegar and water the first time.  When we told them that the same person cleaned the mirrors all four times, just using three different products they stood there for a moment appearing dumbfounded and then started laughing.  The best product may not always be the most obvious, or the most expensive.  The verdict is Barbasol Shaving Cream wins hands down across the board when it comes to cleaning mirrors in this test.  We will now test it against other mirror cleaners and see if we can dethrone the King.

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