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Discounts - Limit One Discount Per Client  
All-Star Maid Service will provide 4 free cleanings to individuals
diagnosed with cancer.  To qualify for the service, you will need to click on
the Cleaning for a reason icon and register.  Cleaning for a reason is a
non profit organization that we have partnered with and we agreed to
provide free cleaning to their clients.
Should for any reason you desire not to use Cleaning for a reason and
would like us to clean for you,  we will provide a 25% discount on our
cleaning packages, upon medical proof of your condition.
All-Star Maid service
Unfortunately we have not partnered with an organization that provides
free cleaning to people with disabilities at this time.  We do offer a 20%
discount on our services to individuals with disabilities.
Cancer Patients
Disabled Persons
Seniors 60+
When Clean Matters
Pay in cash and receive an additional 10% off.
Sign up for weekly cleaning and gift a friend or family member
with a similar size home a free cleaning.
Discounts and Specials
"Best service I ever used...
This is a quote from a very happy client."
Military Service
Seniors 60+
All-Star Maid Service offers a 10% discount to all seniors 60+ years in
age.  Even if you just need a little extra help around the house, we can
probably help you.
All-Star Maid Service offers a 5% discount to anyone who has served in
the Military regardless of whether it was active or reserve.
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