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Janesville is located in southern Wisconsin and is the county seat of
Rock County

As of the 2000 census, Janesville had a population of 59,498.
About Janesville:

Janesville was founded in 1835 on the east bank of the Rock River.
Named after Henry Janes, who was one of the first settlers in the area.  
In 1851 approximately 10,000 visited Janesville, to attend Wisconsin's
first state fair.  Wisconsin's first female lawyer (Lavinia Goodell) was a
resident of Janesville in 1874.

According to the 2000 census the city of Janesville has 23,894 homes.
All-Star Maid Service Provides professional residential cleaning
throughout the entire city of Janesville.  The Architecture in Janesville is
unbelievable and explains why 20% of all the registered historic places
in Wisconsin are located in Janesville.  
Historic homes require special
cleaning and the staff of All-Star Maid service understand.
 That is one of
the reason we provide Green Cleaning as the chemicals tend not to be
as harsh as commercial grade cleaners.  With the current economy
many landlords are faced with rental units left in shambles, their
tenants long gone and only what remains of a security deposit to try and
put the pieces back together.
 At All-Star Maid service, we work with
people and situations.  Our professional staff can work within your
budget restraints, giving you the maximum cleaning power for your
 There are a number of commercial businesses and small
offices in Janesville.
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Bessie the cow
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Janesville Wisconsin
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