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Our Maids Clean in Candlewick Lake
Candlewick Lake is a Gated Homeowners Association Community.
Candlewick Lake was created in the early 1970's and was ultimately
turned over to the homeowners Association in the early 1970's. We have
undergone tremendous growth both in numbers of homes and residents,
but also in the type of community we have grown to be.

Candlewick Lake began life as a secluded fishing and camping  
community. Most residents at that time utilized the community  for   
fishing, summer homes, and camping at the old campgrounds.   We   
have now evolved into a working recreational community which is home  
to a vastly diverse population who enjoy the private atmosphere.  All-Star
Maid Service is ready, willing and able to serve the community of
Candlewick Lake homeowners.  We at All-Star Maid Service aim to
please and would be happy to find a price to fit your budget and cleaning
All-Star Maid service
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